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London, Knightsbridge

London Specialist Skin Clinic

London Specialist Skin Clinic

Dr. Maria Gonzalez of the Specialist Skin Clinic holds weekly consultations in London within the premises of  the London Clinic and provides a range of cosmetic and dermatology consultations which include:

Consultations in London:

    • Mole Checks
    • Wart Treatments
    • Acne treatments
    • Rosacea Treatments
    • Acne Scarring Treatments
    • Hair Loss (alopecia) Treatments
    • Skin Rejuvenation Treatments
    • Treatment of skin disorders

The clinic is based at the London Clinic

34 Hans Road, Knightsbridge
London SW3 1RW
(Opposite Harrods Food Hall)
If you would like to book a treatment or consultation contact Dr. Maria Gonzalez

For more information about the Skin Clinic you can visit our New Specialist Skin Clinic website.