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Laser treatment or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Treatment? Which is the preferred Option?

  • Laser treatment or IPL treatment

There is great confusion amongst patients, encouraged by high street beauty clinics that Intense Pulsed light (IPL) produces better results than laser treatment. Unfortunately this is not borne out by medical evidence. IPL gives very good results in some patients especially those with very pale skin, with dark coarse hair. Overall IPL cannot deliver the results that standard hair removal laser treatment are able to and is not able to successfully treat all the different hair and skin types that exist. These variations in hair and skin types often require specific lasers to get the best results.

Why, you might ask, would clinics and spas suggest that IPL is better? Well the average cost of an IPL machine is less than half the price of a good laser. IPL systems are also not regulated in the same manner as lasers are.

For further information on Laser treatment for Hair Removal contact Specialist Skin Clinic on 029 20617690

The Skin Experts – expand into new premises

The Specialist Skin Clinic previously based in Newport Road has moved to purpose built premises in Penlline Road, Whitchurch, Cardiff.  See location on Google Maps

The skin expert clinic which specialises in the provision of laser treatments and consultant dermatology treatments has moved to new premises because of the huge increase in demand for the skin treatments it offers. The new premises include 7 treatment rooms which are equipped with the very latest skin laser technology equipment.

Dr. Maria Gonzalez , the Managing Director of  clinic and the lead dermatologist commenting on the new premises said “ The new clinic provides for our patients the very best facilities for all their requirements for treatments as well as providing a relaxed and professional environment. We are able to provide skin treatments for a variety of medical, cosmetic and laser treatments for a diverse range of skin conditions. Whether it be wrinkle treatments, skin rejuvenation , acne and acne scarring , hair removal, mole removal or growths, rashes, blemishes and discoloration which may be the result of a more serious skin condition.”

With vast experience in the field of dermatology Dr. Maria Gonzalez previously practised from the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff. During the past 20 years Dr. Gonzalez has worked exclusively in the speciality of Dermatology dividing her time between clinical work at the University Hospital of Wales and academic work at Cardiff University. Here she distinguished herself as a leader and innovator in the teaching of dermatology winning awards for her contribution to the field.

In addition to Dr. Gonzalez, the clinic will also be home to a number of other highly regarded dermatologists making the new clinic one of the leading skin centres in South Wales. Unlike many skin clinics which are run by beauticians and non-medical staff the Specialist Skin Clinic is operated by professional medical consultants and nursing staff ensuring the safety of clients and providing the very best in care at all times.

The clinic is situated in the heart of Whitchurch Village and car parking facilities are available on site. For more information or to book an appointment ring 029 20 166031.

Skin treatments – Who would you let loose on your skin?

Botox treatments London Cardiff
  • Skin treatments

‘Injections used to plump up the skin including Botox and dermal fillers and other skin treatments are a cosmetic crisis waiting to happen’.  So reports an independent review instigated by the Department of Health in England about skin treatments.

The review raises concerns that such beauty skin treatments are now being made freely available with no regulation in place to ensure that those delivering the skin treatments have the necessary skills and qualifications to do so. The  review places particular concern  on non-surgical procedures such as fillers , Botox and laser hair removal.

Skin Treatments at Specialist Skin Clinic Cardiff Wales

The independent review clearly stated that skin treatments procedures unless undertaken by a professionally qualified medic. It can and do go horribly wrong and strongly criticised the way that many such treatments were being done at hairdresser’s appointments and “beauty parties” where injections were being given without proper medical supervision.

If you are considering any Botox, Wrinkle Reduction, Dermal Filler or Laser Hair Removal  procedures. Please do visit a clinic led by fully qualified medical professionals. Dr. Maria Gonzalez of the Specialist Skin Clinic is a Locum Consultant Dermatologist and has over 20 years experience in the field, ensuring your treatments are provided to the very highest standard of care.

For more information on the Indpendent review which criticised the lack of regulation in the industry visit the BBC website