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The Specialist Skin Clinic provides a range of dermatology consultations to assist in the treatment and management of a variety of skin conditions.

Dr. Maria Gonzalez provides skin consultations and skin treatments which include:Best Skin Clinic in Wales Cardiff-Newport-Bridgend-South-Wales-Bristol-London-Cheltenham-Gloucester-England-United-Kingdom

The skin is our largest organ, covering the entire body. The skin acts as an outer protective layer, and as a result suffers from exposure to a wide range of extreme conditions which may result in damage from sunlight and other harsh environmental conditions, burns, rashes, injuries, infections, and other major and minor skin disorders. The skin over a period of time may also develop growths, rashes, blemishes and discoloration.

As a result, ensuring you look after your skin is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle as often a minor skin infection or condition if not diagnosed quickly and correctly can develop into a major issue.

Treatments to remove marks from the skin or to alter the structures in the skin should always be carried out by professionally qualified individuals whether being undertaken for health reasons or aesthetic purposes. If you are concerned about any aspect of your skin please do visit a specialist skin clinic with a specialist doctors and nurses with experience in treating dermatological problems.

Dermatology is a specialist medical discipline for the study and treatment of skin diseases and conditions. A dermatologist treats disorders relating to the skin, hair, and nails and may be experienced in a range of specific treatments or conditions.

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