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When considering skin treatments  remember that it is important to visit medical professionals / dermatologists to ensure that you receive the very best standard of health care.

It is often tempting to take advantage of special offers on discount websites or from high street advertisements for beauty clinics. However prescription drugs such as Botox need a doctor or dermatologist present on the premises to issue the drug involved. If you do find a salon offering such treatment without a professional qualified  medical practitioner or if the price of the treatment is extremely low – then be warned! Always check that the person undertaking the treatment is qualified.

Please note if you do notice a change in your skin condition  seek the advice of a doctor.

The Specialist Skin Clinic is a Private clinic and all our consultations and treatments are undertaken and administered by a qualified medical practitioner. The prices of our treatments depend on the type of treatment required and we can provide full information on prices on request. Please note this will often vary on each patient as everyone’s skin is different!

For more information you can visit our New Specialist Skin Clinic website.

If you would like more information on the cost of a consultation or a particluar treatment please contact us today.