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Mole Checks

Mole Check Clinics

Mole Checks procedure

Each of us should ensure we look after our skin by regularly checking for any changes and referring these to a doctor or dermatologist.

Skin cancer (melanoma) can often be seen on the skin surface and therefore with care, most skin cancers can be diagnosed very quickly.

Self Examination of your skin.

It is vitally important that you regularly check any mole and as a result it is important that you know where each mole is located on your body and how they apprear. Checking moles for a change in outline, shape, size, colour (especially a new black area), is an excellent practice to undertake.

Skin Cancer (Melanoma) can often occur in families, and families aware of these occurances should check their skin very carefully as they are at high risk of skin cancer. Dermatologists will often wish to see family members at risk every six months to undertake a regular check up.

It is important to note however that not all moles develop into skin cancer ( melanoma ), and as a result they do not all have to be removed. A dermatologist will recommend if a mole should be removed.

For more advice about this treatment you can visit our New Specialist Skin Clinic website.

If you are worried about a mole or any change in your skin’s appearance do contact us without delay.