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Mole Mapping and Dermoscopy Treatments

Mole Mapping and Dermoscopy Services – Automated Skin Cancer Screening System in Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend and South Wales.

The Specialist Skin Clinic is pleased to announce that it is able to provide a new comprehensive skin cancer screening system (total body mapping) which is undertaken using the very latest technology. Captured images are displayed immediately onscreen and directly stored in our patient database.Mole mapping cardiff South Wales

Keeping track of moles can be a lengthy and difficult process. With the screening technology the entire skin surface is quickly documented from head to toe. Any suspicious moles will be examined by a specialist giving you reassurance and advice. The scan is repeated annually and over time any changes will be tracked, alerting the patient and the dermatologist to any concerns.

At the Specialist Skin Clinic the skin assessment is carried out by our lead dermatologist Dr. Maria Gonzalez at the clinic, not remotely, and any procedures required can also be carried out in the clinic by our medical team.

For more information about mole mapping you can visit our New Specialist Skin Clinic website.

If you are concerned about your moles, then the mole mapping service can provide peace of mind in that any changes are constantly monitored. Contact us today for more advice.