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Warts Removal Treatments

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Warts removal procedure

Warts often disappear without warts removal treatment but it can also take up to two years for the HPV virus to leave your system and for warts to clear up.

It is difficult to know how long a wart will take to clear up as this is something that changes with each individual. However warts do seem to remain longer in older children and adults.

Individuals with a weakened immune system find it more difficult to get rid of warts and often warts removal treatments are less effective.

If a wart is painful or is in an awkward place thereby causing embarrassment or stress then it may be best to consider warts removal treatment to remove it.

There are a number of warts removal treatments available for warts and sometimes the warts may return. The Specialist Skin Clinic is able to offer laser warts removal treatments which have a high success rate for this common condition.

For more information about warts removal you can visit our New Specialist Skin Clinic website.

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