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Facial Redness / Veins

Red face and rosacea tratements

A very common cause of facial redness is a condition called Rosacea. We are not sure why some people get rosacea and others do not. However, the condition is more common among those with fairer skin. Rosacea can present in many ways including with spots that look very much like acne spots. Patients are mainly bothered by the typical red cheeks that many patients with rosacea suffer with. Rosacea patients also suffer with visible blood vessels on the face which they often find very unsightly.

Best Skin Clinic in Wales Cardiff-Newport-Bridgend-South-Wales-Bristol-London-Cheltenham-Gloucester-England-United-KingdomAnother common cause of facial redness and facial veins is the normal ageing of the skin. As we age our skin undergoes many changes. The skin becomes thinner. This thinning is accelerated if we have  had a lot of sun exposure during our lifetime. The blood vessels of our skin sit in the deeper part of the skin called the dermis. Ageing and sundamage reduce the amount of healthy collagen in the dermis of the skin. As the skin thins with the vessels in the dermis widen and become more visible on the skin surface.

Facial redness can be very successfully treated with laser and IPL treatments. Often a combination of both treatments is needed for the best results.

Dr. Maria Gonzalez at the Specialist Skin Clinic has significant experience in treating ‘the red face’ with laser and IPL treatments.

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